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  • Contour lines from a DXF/DWG CAD drawing
    How to define contour lines with automatic recognition from a DXF/DWG CAD drawing
    land survey DXF DWG Terrain
  • Elevation nodes with auto-recognitions from DXF/DWG CAD files
    how to define Elevation Nodes with auto-detection from a dxf/dwg CAD file
    land survey DXF DWG Terrain
  • Drawing with DXF or DWG CAD entity recognition to insert BIM objects
    How to insert BIM entities recognizing objects from a CAD drawing
    wall envelope door window opening wall ornamental wall coloumn beam steel magic wand
  • Inserting a Column with the DXF/DWG recognition feature
    How to insert a column using the auto detection from DXF/DWG CAD file feature
    Drawing Design DXF DWG Pillars Pillar automated generation
  • Inserting a 3D MagneticGrid using DXF auto detection
    How to generate a 3D MagneticGrid from a DXF/DWG CAD drawing
    Editor type Open File DXF DWG MG 3D Magnetic Grid
  • Editing a DWG drawing
    How to edit a DXF/DWG CAD drawing
    Edit DXF/DWG
  • New DWG drawing
    How to create a DWG drawing in the project using the integration with Edificius-CAD
    New Edit DXF DWG
  • Topographic contour plan from a DXF/DWG
    How to implement a topographic contour plan with the automatic recognition feature from a DWG DXF CAD drawing
    land survey DXF DWG Terrain
  • Importing DXF / DWG
    how to insert and position a DXF or DWG CAD drawing
    move rotate
  • DXF/DWG file format export
    Export drawings in the DWG/DXF format
    drawing models construction documents cad