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  • Inserting Material Layer compositions
    Ho to insert Material Layers for an architectural object in drawing models
    Drawing Model toolbox Stairs font Title Description material Layers
  • Material Layers and Building envelope materials
    How to apply a Material Layer composition to a Building Envelope entity
    Properties Characteristics thickness Face left right side colour material
  • How to create a Material Layer
    How to create a customized Material Layer in the user Catalogue
    building envelope ornamental wall back fill empty space gap cavity thermal coat plasterboard insulation
  • The Yard entity materials and material layers
    How to apply a material layer and materials, inserting a name tag and defining the yard's slope type.
    geometry characteristics volume perimeter surface area plane
  • Material Layer legends
    Inserting a building envelope material layers (walls, slabs, etc...) on Drawing Models
    hatch colour pattern
  • The Road entity materials and material layers
    How to apply materials and material layers to roads, define slope and assigning elevation points
    geometry characteristics volume perimeter surface area
  • Cornices and Eaves properties
    How to define the Cornice properties: Material Layers, thickness and materials
    roof rooftop Catalog Material Layer thickness roof slope pitch overhang
  • Surface properties
    How to edit height, assign a material layer or or a thickness and define the plane type.
    horizontal inclined elevation thickness material layer
  • Doors Characteristics and Materials
    How to set a door's model and its material
    Features section 1st frame Model 2nd General Catalogue type Materials section External Frame Glass Grip General Catalogue Colors and Materials
  • Catalogue Materials
    Assign a material to an object by choosing it from the catalogue
    Materials Catalogue User project General bucket Assign Properties
  • Apply a material acquired from a different object
    Acquiring a material from one object and applying it to another
    Properties Materials Catalog Fetch dropper Assign bucket
  • Creating a new layer
    How to create a new layer
    Drawing model style management
  • Assign a layer
    Assigning an object with a new layer
    entity level
  • Deactivating a Layer
    How to Freeze a Layer
    Level Entity drawing Model floor plan section prospect isometric area plan
  • Window Characteristics and materials
    How to apply a model and a material to a Window
    Properties characteristics Model 1st first fixture 2nd second fixture roller shutter General Catalogue type model External Frame Glass Handle Colors