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Technical support issues and practical cases

  • Inserting a new location in the user archive
    How to enter a new location with its geographic coordinates and average monthly daily irradiation data
    city state country longitude latitude height
  • The currency settings in Solarius-PV
    "How to customize the currency symbol from the "Options" section in the "cost management parameters" window.
    currency excchange different dollar peseta euro pound
  • The first steps in designing a PV system
    How to access the Assisted Design feature to design a PV system
    wizard summary design module inverter
  • Installing a PV system on roof tops
    How to define a surface in plan view and consider it as a laying area of the photovoltaic system for a roof top.
    pitch slope roof inclination area orientation
  • Company Logo in Reports
    How to add your company logo on the front page of a report
    custom logo insert image
  • How to design a 4,5 kWp PV system in less than 3 minutes
    How to design the system without considering certain technical specifications such as: shading factor, single-line diagram, periodic and one-off costs
    system module compatible print design
  • Simulating pre-built PV systems in Solarius PV
    Simulating pre-built PV systems in Solarius PV
    System module elevation area project
  • Obstacles at the center of the photovoltaic area
    How to insert an obstacle in the PV modules area starting from a site survey report.
    obstacle shadow centre internal contour
  • Consumption assessment accordingto Time Band
    How to define and insert electrical appliances consumptions accordingto time periods (F1, F2 e F3)
    Consumption bills time bands
  • How to design your PV system starting from an "Area Plan (2D)"
    Designing the PV system in three steps: 1st Step: assigning the PV field - 2nd Step: assigning the inverter - 3rd step: assigning the PV switch panels
    plan, 2D, drawing, area plan, field, module, orientation
  • The three-phase photovoltaic project with single-phase differentiated connection
    How to design multiple photovoltaic fields with different exposures and obtain a single three-phase photovoltaic system connected to each of the single-phases (L1, L2, L3).
    L1 L2 L3 phases exposure different inclination
  • The PV system with Multi MPPT inverter
    How to design a photovoltaic system with different exposure and use a Multi MPPT inverter
    Multi MPPT roof slab pitch exposure orientation inverter
  • The custom technical and financial template documents
    How to modify and/or create a new customized model in Solarius-PV using project variables.
    variables, customizing logo model
  • Deleting a photovoltaic system
    How to delete a photovoltaic field and make design changes (orientation, inclination, power, etc.)
    delete cancel remove assign modify
  • The EAST-WEST photovoltaic system
    How to design a photovoltaic system with EAST-WEST exposure
    delete cancel remove assign modify
  • How to model a photovoltaic system on a vaulted roof
    How to position a PV field on a vaulted surface using the MagneticGrid object for modelling precision.
    MagneticGrid round canopy roof round roof