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Advanced Features

  • Viewing a system photo-simulation
    The "View on Photograph" feature allows the user to produce a detailed photorealistic representation of the designed system. It allows the Technician to evaluate the impact the photovoltaic system as designed on the installation site.
    photo installation plane zoom vanishing point metric 1 surface modules export to file jpeg png gif wmf add sub systems generators MPPT inverter summary confirm tools border rotate photomontage scene photosimulation
  • Comparing multiple projects
    How to compare different design solutions and assess their financial and technical feasibility
    compare interventions improve optimize
  • System parameters and profitability
    How to set the PV system working temperatures, power losses and the inverter sizing factor or the general profitability parameters.
    BOS parameters sizing default profit
  • The text editor
    How to customize a technical report, modify its contents, or insert additional objects
    insert add modify edit delete table image logo