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  • Neue Projektbuchhaltung und SuperWizard
    Shows the main SuperWizard features for creating a Construction Cost Management document
    Construction cost management from Project, reference, Tender Type, Offer, Discount, Amount increase, Offered, Lump Sum Measured, General Data settings, Financial Table, Amounts/Discounts, Health and Safety, Contract, Offered prices, New Document, Assisted creation, SuperWizard
  • Accounting for Lump sum and measured works items
    Shows how to account for "Measured" and "Lump sum" works
    Progression percentage, %, red marker, Sub BoQ, Close, Drag&Drop, Structure Toolbox, Activate filter, Categories, Amount, Survey, Quota, Project, item, Measure, Work category
  • Printing Construction Cost Documents
    Shows how to print Construction cost management documents, Accounting register, Summary, IPC and Works Progreess statement
    Work progression statement Final print Preview document print Extra Interim Payment certificate amount Editor Print Manager
  • Daily works list
    Shows how to create, manage and print a "daily works list"
    Print Manager Editor, Insert Date, Start, End, Measurement, Tariff, Article, Extended description, Additional, General Data, costs, Company profits, Discount, Chart Management, Workers, Labour, Machinery, Daily Works, Supplies,
  • Creating Work Progression Statements
    Shows how to issue a further Work Progression Statement
    Measurement Book, Register, Summary, Construction Cost Management, reference views, MB, AR, ARS, WPS, Print management, Construction cost management documents, Add, Final print, Interim Payment Certificate, Previous certificates, Select Amount, Work Progression Statement
  • Construction Cost Documents wizard
    Shows the "Construction Cost Management Wizard" feature that automates the print process when issuing a WPS
    Print Management, Measurement Book, Accounting register, Summary, Register, Works Progression Statement, WPS, Interim Payment certificate, Add, Final Print, History, Construction Cost Management wizard