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  • The drawing menu in the BIM Editor
    How to use the BIM Editor drawing menu: Photovoltaic systems, volume, drawing models, 2D Graphics
    Block, IFC file, dxf/dwg, measuring tools, text, CAD drawing
  • Der Navigator
    How to use the BIM Editor "Navigator"
    Lageplan, 3D-Ansicht, Pläne, BIM-Objekte Bibliothek, technischen Berichte, Diagnostik
  • Umfang
    How to model the volume of a structure using the Generic Volume object
    structure, perimeter, 3D model
  • Füllungsblock: die Eigenschaften
    How to modify the geometry and assign an image
    structure height, 3D model, edges, corners, elevation, height
  • Horizontal Surface
    How to model a horizontal surface
    Flat plane
  • Inclined surface with inclination adjustment line
    How to model an inclined surface using the inclination line
    Dachfläche, prozentuale Neigung
  • Inclined surface passing through three points
    How to define an inclined surface using three nodes
    Neigung Dachfläche
  • Vertical connection
    How to model a vertical conenction for an inclined surface
    connecting inclined surface, connection, closure
  • Die Materialien
    Wie man einem Objekt Materialien zuweist
    Farbe, Lack