Video Tutorial

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

How to get working in just a few minutes

  • Modelling the terrain
    how to model the terrain with contour lines
    survey height altitude hill valley level difference
  • Characterizing the building site
    How to insert the elements characterizing the construction site area
    road, trees, river, roads
  • Construction site area delimitation
    How to define and arrange the building site perimeter and internal roads and working areas
    roads fencing delimitation perimeter
  • Organising the building site offices area
    How to enter the site barracks and define a rest area
    shed wc services car park area parking signage roads gate entrance
  • Site equipment
    How to insert the various workplaces
    shed crane silos saw
  • Positioning the building model
    how to position the building model
    IFC footprint volume
  • Earthworks modelling
    how to model the terrain using the earthworks cuts and fills
    earthworks scaffolding
  • Drawing Models
    How to create the drawing models (Area Plans, Elevation views and Cross-Sections) and layout all documnts ready for printing
    altimetric profile