Video Tutorial

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

Minimum CAD features

  • Drawing with graphical entities
    The drawing functions of PriMus Take Off
    draw line polyline circle rectangle pattern hatch line polyline circle rectangle
  • Editing graphical entities
    The PriMus Take Off editing features
    modify text delete copy move rotate extend connect join offset drawing scale
  • Dimension il drawing
    How to add dimensions to the drawing
    dimension sizing measuring measurement aligned linear angular
  • View graphical entity's properties
    The features to view the PriMus-TO drawing properties
    area distance information entity ID coordinates
  • Polyline from boundary
    Converting single lines to a Polyline
    convert modify boundary bpoly draw closed
  • Raster Management
    How to manage a raster image
    BMP JPG brightness contrast transparency scale fading fade unit rotation representation
  • PDF Management
    How to insert and Manage a PDF file
    import unit drawing scale factor scaling rotation real effective length measurement