Video Tutorials

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The indispensables

  • Calculation data definition
    Create a project and define the contour data and the materials necessary to describe the thermal bridge
    new file external internal designer object temperature colour element conductivity import TerMus
  • Drawing a Thermal Bridge representation
    Drawing the Thermal Bridge model, assigning materials and defining the boundaries
    contour border dxf dwg grid segment side unit of measurement edge node snap length reference plane adiabatic material
  • Creating a Thermal Bridge using the Wizard
    Showing how to generate the Thermal Bridge model starting from predefined wizard models
    new project multifunction toolbar representation layout diagram characteristic geometry thermal
  • Calculation and printing the Technical reports
    Shows how to run a calculation, view the results, export them to TerMus and compose the technical report.
    results transmittance thermal linear flux correct word processor export print RTF DOC html PDF
  • Mould growth risk assessment
    Running a calculation, assessing the risk of mould growth and composing the technical report.
    risults iso-therms temperature critical monthly temperatures