Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

The Beginners LAB

  • Adding a new Property
    How to add a new property with or without floor plan
    Data, map, floor plan, DWG
  • Creating Technological Unit types
    How to add a new Technological Unit
    management, add, class, data, general, image, systems
  • Creating new object types
    How to add a new object type
    management, data, general, view, asset database creation, webapp, icon
  • Assets Management
    How to add the objects to maintain
    management, technological unit, property, level, floor plan, images, QrCode
  • Creation of the activity sheet
    How to create the activity sheet to activate the maintenance plan
    management, search, object, checklist, activity, maintenance plan
  • Activating the maintenance plan
    how to activate a maintenance plan
    management, ordinary, search, sheet, periodicity
  • Assigning the maintenance activity
    how to assign a single maintenance activity to a specific company or technician
    management, ordinary, scheduled, detail, company, technician, assignment
  • Setting notifications
    How to set ordinary maintenance notifications
    virtual call center, email, filters, notifications, setting
  • Setting reminders
    setting reminders for ordinary maintenance activities
    recurrence, email, date, filters, properties, technological units, objects, reminders, ordinary maintenance
  • Creating a new support request (ticket)
    how to create a new ticket for an object
    property, floor, technological unit, object, map, sheet, ticket
  • The preassignment of routine maintenance
    How to pre-associate routine maintenance with a company and an operator
    virtual, call, center, configuration, property, technological unit, matrix
  • Reprogramming Routine Maintenance
    How to carry out the reprogramming of routine maintenance
    management, property, date, object, reschedule, maintenance calendar, plan
  • Reprogramming from the Calendar
    How to reschedule routine maintenance directly from the calendar
    management, drag & drop, date, reschedule, calendar
  • Exporting Maintenance Data
    How to export data related to routine maintenance
    management, filters, reports, export
  • Adding a "Ticket" from the Floor Plan
    Learn how to create a new assistance request directly from the property's floor plan.
    floor level, room, sheet, system, item, object, map, floor plan, ticket, failure, issue
  • Adding a ticket without a reference object
    how to open a ticket without a reference object
    property, building, floor level, technological unit, map, sheet, ticket, object, support request
  • La gestión del ticket
    Cómo visualizar y gestionar la solicitud de asistencia
    listado detalle estado empresa intervencion fecha intervencion averia extraordinaria actividad
  • Automatic ticket assignment
    how to assign a ticket to a specific company automatically
    virtual call center, property, building, technological unit, intervention, matrix, automatic, assignment