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Viewing services

  • When a Page doesn't open
    How to unblock Popups to successfully create a document, news183nl
    open, file, popup, error, page, document, new, unlock, locked, browser
  • usBIM.browser interface
    How to view and manage online documents and BIM models with usBIM.browser
    online, opening, file, #TagBIM, IFC, chat, coworking, link, attachment, federation, issue, markup, notification, export, news184nl
  • Create links between shared documents
    How to associate links to documents uploaded to the platform
    browser, attachments, viewing, IFC, PDF, DWG, DXF, OBJ, SKP, RVT, RFA,DOCX, XMLS
  • #TagBIM on the model
    How to insert and use the #TagBIM on the model
    entity, association, addition, property, metadata, value, group, selection, data, objects, filter, information, news186nl
  • Collaborative working
    Collaborate on the same model with your colleagues in real time
    issue, chat, link, usBIM.browser, markup, IFC, revision, coworking, news187nl
  • DXF/DWG formats management
    How to view and manage a DXF/DWG document online with usBIM.browser
    Format, browser, collaborative work, #TagBIM, markup, issue, navigate, graphic, table, technical drawing, construction detail, document, online, file, news189nl
  • Features Panel
    How to use tools for viewing and navigating the model
    online, opening, file, IFC, model, navigation, browser, palette, commands, sections, move, orbit, view, shadows, rendering, orientation, annotations, camera, 2d, 3d, lines, visualization, news190nl
  • PDF management
    How to view and manage a PDF document online with usBIM.browser
    Format, browser, collaborative work, bookmark, markup, index, browse, index, link, news188nl