Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

The indispensables

  • Start working straight away with usBIM.viewer+
    Main overview of the program's features
    NEWS020NL modell 3D BIM standard IFC property #TagBIM price book
  • New from 3D file
    Creating a new project file by converting any kind of 3D Model file to an IFC standard file
    entity unit of measure classe
  • "Selection Filters"
    Creating "Selection Filters" for quick entity viewing
    model conditions
  • "Selection Groups"
    Creating "Groups" for quick entity selection
    model IFC
  • The "Visibility" command
    "Visibility" management during 3D Model navigation
    hide view not selected all entity filters groups reverse invert
  • The "Edit properties" command
    Asigning IFC properties to one or more entities
    BIM group filter value
  • #TagBIM: the "Edit" command
    Defining Tags for each IFC entity by linking them to your Price Book items
    model condition
  • #TagBIM: the "Select" command
    Selecting IFC enties in relation to their defined TAGs for direct connection to specific #BIM Price Book items
    3D characteristics condtions
  • Open document
    Opening an IFC standard document
    DOUBLE click Drag&Drop properties format IFC+
  • The GENERAL section in the "Tools" menu
    The "Select", "Edit IFC", "Add model" and "Export IFC" commands
    select de-select invert move rotate close model 3D grip object snap
  • The VIEW and NOTES sections under the "Tools" menu
    The "View style", "Invert visibility" and "Copy" commands
    wireframe shaded notes
  • Colours and Transparency - The "Aspect" command
    Assigning colours and transparency effects to IFC entities and saving the obtained views
    colour percentage opacity transparency