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The indispensables

  • The CerTus SCAFFOLDING Home page
    The CerTus SCAFFOLDING Home page: New and Open, online services, the indispensables
    file, progect, new, open
  • Work efficiently with CerTus SCAFFOLDING
    Create a scaffolding structure, quickly prepare and print a Scaffolding Mounting and Dismantling plan with CerTus SCAFFOLDING
    mounting, erection plan, bim, start, project, design, work
  • Create a new scaffolding
    How to start designing a new scaffolding structure
    draw, design, model
  • Create and print a drawing model
    Creating plans, elevation views, cross-sections
    add, delete, insert, area plan, view
  • The Technical Reports
    Printing the Harness Hang risk assessment, electrical discharges, anchorings reports
    tie, discharges, anchorages