Video Tutorial

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

BIM Editor

  • Service deck in the BIM editor
    How to define a services decking
    bim, empty, service
  • Managing the scaffolding modules
    How to manage modules in the scaffolding structure
    delete, element, deck, bay
  • Modify the Baseplate profiles
    How to modify the Baseplate profiles
    adjust, height, incline, bim
  • Customizing the connection
    How to customize the connections between scaffoldings
    angle, union, safety fan, platform, deck
  • Anchors, plugs and connectors
    inserting and removing brace points and anchorings
    delete, anchor, bracing, ring, ties, plug, jack screw,
  • BIM scaffolding connections
    merging and separating scaffolding structures
    merge, separate, disconnect, split
  • Importing 3D models
    importing a 3D Model in the BIM model
    skp, dae, 3ds, obj, model
  • Editing a frame type scaffolding's span
    Changing the width of a prefabricated frame span
    width, span, portal, deck
  • Editing spans and tube decks in BIM
    Changing the size of a span/tube and coupler deck
    height, deck, width, pipes
  • 3D Generic Volume
    Defining a 3D generic volume in a 3D BIM scaffolding
    model, volume, building
  • Applying an image to a 3D Generic Volume object
    Applying an image to a 3D Generic Volume object
    photo, dwg, scaling, prospect, background, dxf
  • Importing an Area Plan in the BIM workflow
    How to load a dxf or dwg area plan
    plan view, add, insert, background, footprint
  • The Hang Harness checks
    How to add a Hang Harness check
    line, life, check, harness, hang, rope, PPE, calculation
  • Additional guardrails
    How to insert additional guardrails on the last deck
    Deck, last, additional, guardrails, toeboad
  • Front-facing guardrails and toeboards
    how to position external/internal guardrails and toeboards
    parapets, runners, platform, toeboard
  • Protection shields, barriers and panels
    how to deal with safety panels and nets
    shield, net, panel, protection, barrier
  • Diagonal bracings
    How to insert the front facing bracing diagonals
    insert, diagonal, facing, internal, bracings
  • Inserting a half frame
    How to insert a half frame
    half, deck, frame, reduced