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The indispensables

  • Preparing the BoQ from an IFC file in just a few minutes
    How to obtain a Bill of Quantities from an IFC model in just a few minutes
    selection, measurements, estimate, quantity, price list, analisys, price book, tariff, print, esport, xlsx, docx, word, excel, dcf, general data, settings, columns, integration, save, properties, information, model, IFC
  • The IFC entity viewer
    How to use the functions of the IFC model Viewer
    model 3D view three-dimensional orbit rotate pan movement
  • Defining a Measurement Rule
    How to create the measurement rule using the information linked to the properties of the selected entities
    variables, BoQ, row, length, width, height
  • IFC entity info
    How to view and read the model's information
    selection, group, filter, criteria, measurements, properties, typology, categories match, model, IFC
  • IFC Update
    How to import a revision of the IFC model and get an automatic update of the estimate/BoQ of the entities responding to the measurement rules already defined
    edit, update, model, IFC