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Selecting entities

  • Entities selection methods
    How to identify the entities to quantify in the model with different selection methods
    selection, automatic, customized, manual, rule, search, conditions, list, IFC NEWS133NL
  • Selecting and preparing a BoQ for identified entities with classification
    How to select the entities to be accounted for in an estimate or BoQ document by applying filters on the Classification systems possibly present in the model
    masterformat, natspec, nbs create, omniclass, uniclass, uniformat, selection, customized, rule, search, conditions, classes, IFC NEWS134NL
  • Selection groups
    How to define the entity selection groups
    entities, IFC, group, grouping, choice, separate, divide, division, search
  • Selection filters
    How to define the conditions of the entity selection filters
    entity, IFC, selection, search, conditions, add, range, operator, value
  • Explode Elements
    How to select entities on the model once the elements are exploded horizontally or vertically.
    X, Z, vertical, horizontal, axis, level NEWS148NL