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The construction cost estimate

  • Updating a previously accounted for IFC project
    How to import a revision of the IFC model and get an automatic update of the estimate/BoQ of the entities responding to the measurement rules already defined
    edit, update, model, IFC NEWS138NL
  • the Cost estimate views
    How to view the BoQ, the entities linked to items and measurement rows, print and export
    item, row, measurement, price list, bill of quantities, highlight entities, colour, green, light blue, print, dcf, exporting, word, excel, xlsx, docx, IFC NEWS138NL
  • Integration with PriMus
    How to use the PriMus-IFC integration with PriMus to add the BoQ with information not present in the IFC model
    BoQ, measurement rows, IFC NEWS139NL
  • Using Price Lists with Rate Analysis
    How to draft a cost estimate with price list items resulting from a rate analysis
    price book, resources, labor, freight, material, site requiremnts, construction site, cost estimate, IFC NEWS140NL