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Activities List

  • The Activity List editor
    The characteristics of the Activity List view
    unit code rate description measurement unit price column summary extended type configuration resource quantity zoom font size standard page editor list task list
  • Managing Activities
    The Activity List editor options
    edit F2 open return enter move switch field close finish browse arrow page up down keyboard end finish home delete cancel activity Ctrl+del search F3 same type marker analysis sorting view list editor activities list
  • Creating a new activity
    How to insert a new task in the Activity List view
    ins to edit keyboard input code change rate summary description unit price per unit measure F2 closes opens another program extended copy paste word processor format creates resource type option list view detail detail editor work section processes creating new activity
  • Acquiring an activity from an other PriMus-K document
    The drag and drop tasks from one document to another (Activities List editor)
    PriMus-K other document select block replace key combination keyboard key Shift+Enter Ctrl button Left mouse editor list drag&drop activity work section
  • Acquiring an Activity from PriMus
    Drag and Drop of Price List items from a priMus to a PriMus-K document
  • Rate Analysis view
    The Rate Analysis view in the Activities List editor
    activity resources element elements detail data summary amounts PriMus management integration module read only edit recalculation unit price activity analyzed editor list view list price analysis