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Works Time Schedule - taskbar/period management

  • Period Sizing
    How to edit the duration of an activity or a period
    keyboard right arrow key data task bar modification period duration day consecutive days
  • Progression task bar style
    Defining the progression bar style settings
    double click the left mouse button color pattern colors time schedule the Format menu level percentage activity compared with period style progress bar
  • Draw Period
    How to define the activity periods
    Move draw add bar graphic visual data mode manage
  • Split Activity
    How to split activities into multiple periods
    draw size keyboard ESC modify edit move split work section period
  • Connect Activities
    How to link activities/periods with the identification of critical paths
    keyboard Esc key information selected connection links remove critical path processing work section time activity periods connect
  • Moving a period visually
    How to move (along the timeline) an activity taskbar or period
    Edit menu draw local sizing right arrows left arrow key selection left mouse button to translate keyboard activity time line period move
  • Moving tasks by changing the start of works date
    How to move (along the timeline) an activity taskbar or period
    preserve duration table information works time schedule shift time move
  • Information box
    Viewing the information box on the Time Schedule task bars
    status design project execution move draw size dimension divide pointer connect split divide mouse time schedule activity period
  • Period bar style
    Task bar style settings (Activities and Summary)
    variables texts values colours time schedule format grouping summary activity management
  • Zoom and Pan
    Zoom-in/Zoom-out and moving around in the Time schedule
    local menu button, right-click the left mouse keyboard Ctrl key block selection replaces Replace total amount acquisition insertion search bar drag & drop processing work section Active AL Activity task list