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The indispensables

  • Using the Function keys: the [A] key
    how to draw an object at a given distance from a refgerence point
    pre set certain distance reference point insert defined measure
  • How to adapt the upper/lower building envelope profiles for custom wall shaping.
    How to shape the upper and/or lower profile of a building envelope to shape irregular forms
    wall roof ornamental wall
  • Objects for energy modeling, architectural and 2D graphics
    how to draw with energetic, architectural objects and detail the drawing with 2D graphics
    BIM horizontal curved dummy roof thermal bridge door window niche shaft pillar beam wall low wall slab ramp staircase overall dimensions canopy points lines polylines arches circles blocks images raster dxf measurements dimensions texts annotations labels
  • Identifying and assigning Thermal Bridges
    use of the identification functions for calculation and visualization of thermal bridges
    BIM view graphic visualizations box selection section linear transmittance filter ATLAS-PT TerMus-PT assigned identified
  • Defining the Building Energy Model and Zones
    How to define the building energy model, the thermal zones and how to assign them to rooms
    thermal zones, building to be calculated, subunits, heated zones, domestic hot water, heating, cooling
  • Defining schedules (Usage profiles)
    How to define a programmatic setpoint of temperatures, use of DHW and systems
    usage profiles, programming, scheduling, hourly, thermal zones, heated zones, domestic hot water, systems, temperatures, switching on, switching off, heating, cooling internal inputs
  • The definition of thermal power stations and plants
    How to define the HVAC and DHW systems and assign the served zones
    Thermal power plants heating systems domestic hot water ventilation cooling generation distribution zones switching on and off
  • Internal software diagnostics
    The automatic energy model checking before analysis
    Diagnostics, errors, warning, fatal error, model energetic, calculation, control
  • The calculation settings
    How to change the simulation options before running the analysis
    analysis simulation time calculation processing accuracy model speed options
  • Identifying locations
    How to locate the site, geographical coordinates and how to generate climate data
    location climatic data zone geographical coordinates site wind meteonorm exposure
  • Calculation results
    How to view and export the processing results
    results calculation processing printout consumptions temperatures energy supplies export relations
  • Graphical representations
    How to activate the different graphical views from 3D view
    graphical results graphical views color mappings three-dimensional view
  • The BIM Objects Library
    How to use the different types of libraries: main differences
    User library general project title blocks window doors archive profile use of BIM objects stratigraphy thermal bridges glass frames trees 3D blocks materials colors panels sections profiles
  • Managing the Material Layers of vertical and horizontal envelopes
    Create and modify wall and floor structures
    layers shells horizontal vertical floors walls walls archive library BIM objects General user project