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Vertical building envelope entities (walls, etc.)

  • Drawing the Building envelope
    drawing methods, defining wall length and inclination
    consecutive degrees
  • Drawing with DXF/DWG recognition features
    How to insert BIM entities recognizing objects from a CAD drawing
    wall envelope door window opening wall ornamental wall coloumn beam steel magic wand
  • Curved Building envelope
    How to draw curved entities
    grip snap magnets circular
  • Dummy building envelope
    How to delimit an area not surrounded by walls
  • Building envelope geometry
    How to edit the building envelope's position, length and height
    shape form trapezium start end 1 2 point angle rotation
  • Building envelope upper and lower profile elevation
    How to modify building envelope elevations by assigningthem to Levels and/or subLevels or by typing in manual settings.
    Height Reference System HRS Height
  • How to draw building envelopes rapidly
    How to draw contiguous walls
    proceeding proceed continue consecutive wall drawing