Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Drawing Windows
    Drawing a window and defining of the opening direction
    F7 Lateral Distance definition
  • Designing window in 3D View
    Inserting Windows in 3D View
    drawing distance land terrain keyboard insert glazing glazed curtain wall
  • Moving and Measuring windows
    Changing the position and dimensions of a Window in floor plan and 3D view
    Green Grip position placing blue sizing Properties Width Height Distance Side View 3D movement modify edit
  • Creating the Glass supporting structure
    How to create glass structures and associate them with Windows and Doors
    glazing structures single double triple windows doors thermal transmittance catalog library user project solar factor gas cavity
  • Creating the frame structure
    How to create frame structures and associate them with Windows and Doors
    Door and window frames library structures general user project metal soft hardwood PVC profile thermal break transmittance