Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

Program Features

  • The EdiLus Home page
    The EdiLus home page features
    page file plane new open close save rename save as ACCA video tutorial
  • Calculation data
    How to define the calculation standard and setting up the analysis data
    standard eurocode national annex general data seismic analysis custom response spectra customize number vibration modes pushover push over static non linear
  • Selecting elements
    How to select multiple elements. Remove an object from a selection group
    multiple overlapping Select exclude group window shift CAPS lock Ctrl Space bar
  • Object visibility
    How to show or hide levels and elements
    view exclude deselected not selected options show
  • Selection filters
    How to filter through selected elements. Viewing the number of drawn entities
    objects entity number of visble entities
  • Searching for entity properties
    Identifying elements with specific characteristics and properties
    Advanced filter search find common objects research search look up materials section constraints
  • Background: viewing elements as a background
    The Background toolbox to display objects drawn on a different level
    transparency overlapping overlap snap reference drawing foundation sub structure above below view plan above beneath bottom projection upper FOOTPRINTS
  • Copying elements
    Copying entities from one level to another
    floor level duplicate objects storey duplicate level upper
  • Integration between Edificius and EdiLus
    How to integrate the structural model into the architectural model
    calculation recognition automatic align BIM wand import file beam column pillar roof import
  • The local axes
    How to view the local reference axes for structural elements
    References orientation beams columns walls slabs shear walls direction F1 T2 T3 M1 M2 M3
  • Slip and soil subsidence checks
    How to launch a differential soil subsidence and slip check in shallow foundations
    slip displacements foundations terrain absolute relative DISPLACEMENTS SLIDING TERRAIN DISTORSION ANGULAR
  • Parallel Snap
    Drawing objects parallel to each other
    insert parallel