Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

The indispensables

  • How to create a full structural design project with EdiLus
    Modelling and calculating a structure and quickly obtaining the relating construction documents
    indispensables few steps minutes operative
  • How to model a Reinforced Concrete structure in just a few minutes
    Structure input using parametric objects and the structural model
    FEM F.E.M. modelling concrete beam shell schematization elements finite
  • Modelling in 3D
    Using the Magnetic grid for three-dimensional input
    snap generation detect recognize automatic object connect magnetisms draw quickly rapidly wand
  • Masonry Structures
    Modelling an ordinaru Masonry structure (new and existing) and reinforced
    FEM F.E.M. modelling walls fascias beam shell schematize element finite vaults openings voids facades kinematism toppling bulging tie tie plate reinforcement patch kerbs edge beams duplicate copy new existing object reveal lintel window basewall wrapping
  • Steel structures
    Modelling steel structures
    beam column truss bracing purlin connection magnetic grid
  • Timber rod verifications
    Modeling and verification of one-dimensional timber elements
    beam column truss purlin connections timber wood
  • Pre-existing reinforced concrete buildings
    How to analyze a reinforced concrete existing building
    existing surveyed current situation knowledge improvement compliance vulnerability EdiLus Existing Building -EE
  • Elements archive
    Contents, use and archive customization
    sections beams columns timber steel shear walls materials analysis loads terrain soil stratigraphy connections new add concrete reinforced masonry wall RCK concrete FEB copy material sections terrain, soil
  • Calculation results
    Viewing the calculation results (tables and graphical visualization)
    pressure load stress shifts tensions chromatic scale animation deformed diagram colour map
  • The interactive diagnostics
    Notification and correction of errors using the diagnostics support
    warning error fatal go to access find search solution suggestions
  • Customize reinforcements
    Viewing and Modifying reinforcements
    custom add diameter rebar steel rod bar reinforcement verification check
  • The construction documents
    Construction documents: composition and printing
    report result tables estimate bill quantities drawings details print construction drawings reports
  • Structural element alignments
    Modifying the alignment points for columns, beams, shear walls, etc. (reinforced concrete, steel, timber and masonry structural elements)
    fixed lines vanishing points sensitive F5 F6 F7 F8
  • Drawing with precision using the snap aids
    Using the snap aids in floor plan view: snap to object, snap to angle and to grid
    snap F9 F10 median parallel perpendicular centre node tangent final intersection extension function keys orthogonal
  • Modifying the graphical objects
    Edit, move, copy, paste, deleting elements. Moving the selection grip around.
    grip object selection Shift Ctrl delete shift move rotate rotation delete displacement rotate copy base point
  • Zoom, Pan and 3D rotation (orbit)
    Zooming, shifting and rotating the structure i the various views
    orbit 3D extension F2 move view F3 floor plan Shift F4 Lens zoom previous next rotation level floor Plan next rotation