Video Tutorials

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  • How to insert a floor slab
    Drawing floor slabs
    concrete brick and cement in fill block cement steel wood joist generic warping span direction stiffness joist infill block stiffness framework polygon closed
  • How to insert a balcony
    How to draw a balcony
    steel reinforced concrete cantilevered balcony generic wood cornice curved corner torsion reduction torsion too many nodes intersections rods walls not closed overhang landing overhang
  • Inserting an eave
    How to insert an inclined overhanging element to model an eave
    balcony tilted eaves cornice manual roof top overhang
  • Inserting buffering/cladding objects
    How to How to apply loads due to buffering
    manual automatic analysis load height distance parapet cladding wall closures non load bearing partition walls non load bearing
  • The Soil pressure on walls
    How to How to apply soil pressure on the walls
    pressure load terrain soil wall type active passive overload against ground soil
  • The hydrostatic pressure of liquids
    How to apply water or other liquid pressures on walls and/or shear walls
    water hydraulic loads tank
  • Applying additional forces
    How to apply concentrated and linear forces structure. Adding loads to mono-dimensional and two-dimensional elements
    adding force linear concentrated direction condition load intensity add beams columns walls shear wall foundation slab wind load
  • Inserting a superficial Force
    How to apply forces on shell elements (walls, floors, and foundation slabs). Adding loads to two-dimensional elements.
    insert distributed load add water swimming pool load pressure wind tank water hydraulic loads
  • Inserting Moments
    Inserting concentrated and linear moments on beams and columns
    concentrated linear torsion twist
  • How to apply thermal variations to structural elements
    Assigning thermal loads to beam objects (beams and columns) and shell objects (walls, walls, floors, slabs, shear walls)
    distortion gradient temperature
  • Additional loads on floor slabs
    Apply additional loads on the beam of the reinforced concrete slab calculation
    brick and cement in fill clay block brick moment Concentrated Linear variation distortion Thermal
  • How to insert a masonry vault
    Applying vault loads on the walls
    spherical roof top structure hipped roofed vault key fill vaults stone
  • Customizing load combinations
    How to customize load combinations. Deleting and adding combinations
    custom combinations change edit modify
  • Wind Loads
    Applying a Wind load automatically to the structural elements
    loads forces normal tangential concentrated distributed linear positive negative pressure coefficient form aerodynamic roughness