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Pre-existing reinforced concrete structures

  • Pre-existing reinforced concrete structures
    How to set up the document for the analysis of an existing building in reinforced concrete
    current situation de facto surveyed design super structure
  • Knowledge Level for Reinforced Concrete
    How to set the Knowledge Level for existing reinforced concrete structures
    destructive tests ultrasonic sonreb detail reinforcement confidence factor documentation lc1 lc2 lc3
  • Existing material resistances
    Defining and calculating the resistance of existing materials (concrete and steel reinforcement)
    wizard materials compression yield calculation concrete reinforced rebars rods coring cored ultrasonic scratch hardness sonreb steel
  • Inserting existing reinforcements
    How to insert reinforcements in existing reinforced concrete structures
    input rebars reinforcements stirrups links beams columns copy duplicate reinforcements undefined insert Add
  • Reinforced Concrete reinforcements
    How to insert reinforcement interventions for strengthening existing reinforced concrete structures
    interventions reinforcements jacket lining wrapping steel FRP reinforcement fibers fibre carbon consolidate node confinement flexure shear jacket lining foundation widening height increase sub-structure foundation structure
  • Calculating the seismic vulnerability
    How to calculate the seismic vulnerability of existing reinforced concrete structures
    indicators risk capacity demand resistance improvement evaluation adaption accelerations Collapse PGA sisma