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Masonry structures

  • Inserting walls
    Drawing walls in floor plan view. Applying support beams in reinforced concrete.
    wall web alignment fixed line F5 F6 recognition generation automatic object snap edge beam kerb wand
  • Inserting openings in walls
    How to create openings in the masonry elements
    Punch hole lintel lintel beams squaring hoop mallet wrapping door window pane object recognition automatic generation arc circle oval rectangular trapezium user defined wand
  • Inserting masonry columns
    Drawing a Masonry column and exporting the calculated stresses
    alignment fixed wire rotate rotation F5 F6 F7 F8 move shift sensitive point column
  • Inserting recesses
    Modelling a local thickness variation together with the material inside a wall
    lintel flange hoops bundle squaring spandrel arch door rectangular trapezium rim cavity hole oval free hand partially closed
  • Inserting pre-stressing tendons
    Applying prestressing bar tendons to walls
    method CAM precompressed pre stressed masonry reinforcement
  • Inserting a Patching object for repairs
    Applying prestressed bar tendons to walls
    reinforcement repairs patching masonry
  • How to apply wall reinforcements
    Modelling reinforcement interventions with reinforced plaster render, FRP and FRCM
    masonry grout reinforce fiber carbon both sides diameter rebar sheet cover entire wall consolidate diameters, concrete cover
  • The knowledge level and the seismic vulnerability calculation
    Set the knowledge level and quickly obtain the seismic vulnerability calculation for masonry structures
    indicators risk capacity demand resistance improvement evaluation adapting acceleration Collapse PGA confidence factor lc1 lc2 lc3 sismabonus superbonus 110%