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Calculations and results

  • The calculation's general diagnostics
    Identify and correct calculation and modelling errors using the diagnostics tools
    warning error fatal go to search find solution suggestions advice what to do effect signal history
  • The Verifications check view
    Viewing non verified elements
    steel reinforced concrete masonry wood geotechnical torsional shear buckling in flexural tensile tensoflessione out of plane limit load instability webs bands shell
  • Result charts
    How to view the calculation graphical results
    results diagrams moments chromatic scale stresses displacements tensions loads deformed photograph capacity design masonry wall structure PGA peak ground deformation capacity design safety factor acceleration collapse
  • Reinforced Concrete slab calculations
    How to request a reinforced concrete floor slab calculation
    joist beam infill block slab moment service in situ pre-compressed trellis panels predalles cantilever balconies double beam mono beam single beam view reinforcement schedule diagram bending balcony eave
  • Calculation results
    How to read the calculation results
    results tables calculation constraints restraints check verification stress strain
  • Facade kinematics verifications
    How to get the kinematic facade calculation. Inserting ties and plates as a reinforcement intervention for out of plane kinematics
    calculation section bulging toppling instability simple composite bending mechanisms local tie
  • representing webs and shells automatically
    Viewing the schematization of the resisting masonry elements
    shear structure masonry visibility numbering sub section integration
  • Connection calculation results
    Viewing and reading the connection calculation results
    verifications tables anchor bolts welds plates contact flexure bending
  • Excited masses
    Viewing the percentage of excited masses
    85% excited mass seismic dynamic modal vibration modes
  • Safety Factors
    How to view the minimum safety factors for the various structural members
    diagrams charts visual results verification check rate materials use Safety Factor colour map stresses strain actions color map