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Elements archive

  • Defining the foundation soil
    Defining the foundation soil characteristics
    geotecnical angle friction cohesion effective drained constant sublayer winkler modulus elastic edometric parameter skempton Bjerrum mono-layer single copy limit load copy settings
  • How to define the soil stratigraphic composition for foundations
    Defining and characterizing the soil stratigraphy for foundation slabs and how to set the calculation options for limit load
    geotecnical angle friction cohesion effective drained behaviour dense stratum layer dense loose coherent incoherent variation modulus edometric depth level water elevation survey copy insert add
  • Defining new profile sections for reinforced concrete elements
    Adding new sections to the Beam and Columns archive
    create rectangular geometry inverted full height form basis data assigned static wing core copy
  • Defining reinforced concrete shear wall section profiles
    Adding new section profiles to the shear wall archive
    simple composite create rectangular geometry base height shape data static assign wing core symmetry copy
  • Inserting new steel sections in the sections archive
    Adding steel sections to the metallic profiles archive
    Import define copy tube sections profiles boxed composite coupled IPE HE UPN circular copy
  • Defining new timber profile sections
    Adding new sections to the Timber sections archive
    insert rectangular circular copy
  • Defining new load analysis elements
    Adding or editing load analysis in the elements archive
    slab buffering cladding balcony overhang cantilever snow vault foundation slab condition type deposits archives schools dining hall museums hospital library car park incidence partition wall copy
  • Defining masonry material
    Characterizing the wall material layers. Viewing material layers.
    resistance without compression shear tensile crack slip diagonal slenderness webs fascia texture data mechanical modulus elastic copy