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Technical support issues and practical cases

  • Drawing a sloped slab
    How to specify a slab's inclination plane using the manual recognition feature
    roof slope pitch inclination three points
  • Drawing a horizontal slab
    How to position a horizontal slab at a given height
    Detecting the topographic contour plan
  • Modelling extrados beams
    How to model an extrados beam loaded with floor slabs belonging to other levels
    functions show floor upper roof mansard attic
  • Inserting slabs between split level walls or walls with different heights
    How to insert floor slabs between split level rooms or with different heights
    rooms slab elevation split levels level drop intermediate flor plans
  • Floor without structural nodes
    How to remove the "floor without structural nodes" error message
    Solve level error 10142 upper plan level elements management delta plan elevation
  • Roof with timber beams
    How to model a roof structure with timber joists
    deck pitch slope roof slanted inclined rotation purlin joist inclination slanting gradient
  • Exceptions
    How to exclude the some of the structural elements from the verification process
    delete remove execution satisfied capacity design shear resistance strength torsion ductility curvature rotation confinement slenderness instability PGA combined compression bending out of plane limit buckling sub webs fascias facade node beam truss column wall calculation exclusion disable calculation
  • Creating the "Design stage" document
    How to create the "Design situation" starting from a survey.
    ante post operam improvements status situation design survey
  • Modelling a lift's pit
    Modelling the lift compartment with a foundation level beneath the building's sub-structure level
    compartment overrun
  • Rib stiffened foundation slabs
    How to model stiffening ribs in a foundation slab using beam objects
    Foundation sub-structure stiffening
  • Moving part of a structure in floor plan
    How to move part of a structure to a given distance
    modify move building elements
  • Curved roof
    Modelling a reinforced concrete curved roof using slabs
    roof curved Arc curved vaulted
  • Split level foundations: Case 1
    How to model split level foundation structures in a single floor level
    Foundation sub-structure beam slab split level
  • Split level foundations: Case 2
    Modelling split level foundations
    Foundation sub-structure beam slab split level
  • Split level foundations: Case 3
    How to model split level foundation structures belonging to different levels
    Foundation sub-structure beam slab split level
  • Resizing videos
    how to see the video tutorials at full screen
    maximize increase zoom extend screen
  • The comparison document for seismic resistance improvements evaluation
    How to obtain the comparison document for a seismic resistance improvement assessment between the "Surveyed" and "Designed" building Projects
    seismic vulnerability comparison summary sismabonus ecobonus superbonus 110%
  • Deleting the magnetic FGrid
    How to delete a Magnetic grid
    Remove the 3D Grid
  • Modifying element sections
    How to change the beam and column section
    change profile profiles
  • Purlins modeling
    How to manually enter purlins for a roof structure
    rotating rotate rotation secondary beams wooden warping the main steel rafters secondary span direction joists inclined Align purlins magnetic grid