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Technical support issues and practical cases

  • Importing from Excel
    How to import Price List items from an Excel document into PriMus
    price list book acquiring acquire import pasting paste copy copying transfer excel
  • Document currency
    Let's see how to set a different currency in our document
    currency dollar pound peso real rial bolivar euro franc rand dong lira dinar koruna krona rupee rouble leu nuevo sol kroner cordoba peseta lek boliviano sucre kroon forint shekel rupiah kuna won tenge dirham
  • The Financial Table
    How to prepare and publish the Financial Table
    custom customize personalize modify prepare publish table summary BoQ Bill of Quantities amounts other expenses costs VAT available sums finances design fee print variables
  • Renumbering a Price List
    how to automatically renumber price list rate codes
    order sort measurement boQ bill of quantities selection highlight chapters filter P.L. Price Book List
  • Work Categories
    Associating work categories to measurement items and printing the relating summary together with the BoQ
    BoQ structure category sub title summary amount group grouping
  • Technical specifications
    Let's see how how to complete and print the Technical Specifications
    intervention accounting estimating survey tender specifications measurements details method work type marker
  • Summary view in Rate Analysis
    How to view quantities and total amounts relating to BoQ items in the Rate Analysis view
    tool list editor
  • Printing a document without use the page jump feature
    How to disabel the page jumping option when items belong to different work sections ("Measure Works", "Lump Sum", "Daily Works" and "Health and Safety")
    settings change page chapters categories titles work
  • Reinforcement bar
    Acquire rebar weights in the measurement rows
    metallic metal iron steel table diameter H/weight kg m meter linear
  • Extended description
    How to get the extended price list item description in printed documents
    settings various signatures all complete additional short breve
  • Chart Management
    How to insert or delete a diagram/chart in a measurement row or a price list item
    object ole media player vocal insert remove delete
  • Viewing and printing charts and diagrams
    How to show or hide diagrams/charts in the various document views and prints
    toolbox settings general photo printing
  • Replacing an Item
    How to replace a Price List item in the Bill of Quantities but without losing the introduced measurements
    drag drop ctrl replace change
  • Ordering BoQ items
    How to change item ordering when printing a Bill of Quantities
    General order Normal Tariff Article Categories Cat SbCat SpCat Chapters Chap SbChap SpChap
  • Moving measurement items
    How to re-arrange the BoQ items
    sorting measurements re-order
  • Super View
    How to access the view allowing you to filter, organize, print and export BoQ data to Excel or other formats (HTML, Text and XML)
    tool grid export xls txt summary superview
  • Column sizes in document prints
    How to modify the document's column sizes
    configuration settings
  • Health and Safety percentage assessment
    How to specify the Health and Safety percentage and how to print the document
    items rates prices advanced details BoQ costs
  • Labour Percentage assessment
    How to specify the Labour percentage and how to print the document
    items rates prices advanced details BoQ costs
  • Resetting work section item rates in the bill of Quantities
    How to generate a .dcf file without rates and amounts
    items variations reductions
  • Calculating the Labour incidence percentage
    Calculating the Labour incidence percentage and printing the Labour incidence estimate report
    work type section view price list estimate
  • Resizing videos
    how to see the video tutorials at full screen
    maximize increase zoom extend screen
  • How to mark BoQ or cost Estimate items
    How to find, highlight and print only those items previously defined with a "Bookmarker"
    markers rows super search print general block highlighted