Video Tutorials

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  • Start working straight away with PriMus
    How to prepare a construction estimate in just a few minutes
    Start, use, begin, launch, open, estimate, final, price list, metric,
  • Interface
    Program interface panorama
    Multifunction Bar, List, General Data, Project, Construction Cost Management, Chapters, Categories, Modules, Settings, Prints, documents, View Options, Structure, Search, Revision History, Revisions, Measurements, Bill of Quanties, Items, Price List
  • PriMus Home page
    PriMus Home page features
    page file new document Bill of Quantities Estimate Project Management Accounting open close save name duplicate delete print export import services ACCA video tutorial updates on-line forum essentials indispensables info technical support
  • New Document and "SuperWizard"
    Creating a New Document using the "SuperWizard" feature.
    Toolbar button, Type, Wizard, SuperWizard, Advanced, Default, Template, Choice, Reference, Settings, Data transfer, List, Project, Accounting, New Document
  • The "Split Window" feature
    Using the "Split Window" feature
    Measurements editor split window duplicate view
  • Recent and Restored documents
    How to delete the restored and recent documents list
    open delete clean empty
  • Program's interface colour
    How to customize the program window background colors
    change theme white interface 100c