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Rate Analysis Module

  • Rate Analysis: General Data
    Percentage definition and calculation methods for Overheads, Company profits and Health & Safety
    net gross increase reduction
  • Rate Analysis: building up a new analysis
    Rate Analysis example using the analysis module
    New unit rates
  • Rate Analysis: Included build-ups
    Building up a Rate Analysis using items that are the result of a rate analysis
    costs elementary gross net overheads profit
  • Rate Analysis: other features
    Advanced Rate Analysis features in PriMus
    Tables, Formulas, Variables, placeholder row, View details, Data, Amounts summary, Red marker, Free Entry, editor, Elements
  • Printing the Rate Analysis
    The differences between the various forms
    standard AVC ITACA LAB H&S EQUIP MAT TRA HI MAT costs labour materials hirings transport Health and Safety percentages type resource