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Toolbox and Navigation options

  • The "View Options" toolbox
    Customizing and printing the "Measurements" editor view
    sorting, organisation, categories, WBS, rates, diagrams, charts, dates, columns, font, description, additional, short, extended
  • Structure Toolbox
    Shows the "Structure" toolbox contents and the filter features regarding Measurement items
    Structural view, SuperCategories, Categories, SubCategories, percentages, Work category, %, Custom filter, Work Type, PhotoPrint, Structure toolbox
  • Revisions History Toolbox
    Illustrating the "History revisions" toolbox features
    Measurements Editor, BoQ View, Delete, Open, Compare, Restore, CompDIFFERENCE, CompMERGE, Add Revision, History Revisions Toolbox
  • Navigation Options
    Shows the various navigation modes in the "Measurements" page
    BoQ view, Measurement item, Expand all, Objects, Browse by Type, Objects marker, Keyboard, keys, navigation, Arrow up, down, PageUP, PageDown, Home, End, Editor, Measurements