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Toolbox and Navigation options

  • The "View Options" toolbox
    Customizing and printing the "Measurements" editor view
    sorting, organisation, categories, WBS, rates, diagrams, charts, dates, columns, font, description, additional, short, extended
  • The "Structural" toolbox
    viewing functions and "Structural view" toolbox content filters
    Chapters, Price List, Super Categories, Sub, WBS, Work sections, Lump sum, measure, accounting, rates, General Work, custom filter
  • "Revisions History" toolbox
    Saving Revisions in the PriMus document
    DCF, title, description, add, delete, open, compare, restore revision
  • Navigation options
    navigating throughout the "Measurements" and "Price List" editors
    Expand All, Narrow, Scroll, Mouse Page, down, up, end, end, home, chart, bookmark