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The indispensables

  • How to create a Bill of Quantities in two minutes: basic program features
    How to create and print a Bill of Quantities and a Price List with new items and with items from a Price Book
    create add insert price list PL new item Rate code tariff description unit measurement unit rate delete insert explode field value row copy other highlight block measurements print price book block selection multiple weight diameter chart export delete formula sub total quantity detraction subtract detract graph editor move browse explode PriMus
  • Working at your best: have more documents on your desktop and drag and drop
    How to use the Drag&Drop action using your software correctly
    other bill of quantities data general copy measurement items PL P.L. drag and drop drag&drop d&d move replace measurements price list select block highlight active signatures heading tables result settings advanced chapters categories super sub paste PriMus 100
  • PriMus Compatibility with Word and Excel
    Export, import, drag and drop between PriMus and Excel or Word
    Exports imports drag and & drop drag&drop PriMus Excel Word HTML Price Lists BoQ Bill of Quantities Price Book pricebook rates prices data items PriMus 100
  • Price Lists and price Books: Desktop and internet management and item search
    Program databases and Internet servies for Price Book item searching
    Price books-net web price lists find search acquire Drag&Drop drag and drop save computer PC regional region rates PriMus 100
  • General data and document sub-division in chapters and categories
    general data, chapters, categories for customizing and structuring the document
    amount works items setting logo actors general public works special assign assigned associate sort organise
  • Document views and ways of working
    how to choose the data to be viewed and how to obtain a summary of data regarding the document's structure
    categories work filters amounts percentages items measurement Bill of quantities view columns result tables tool Price list P.L. chapter charts incidence labour LAB date description extended structure
  • Quick printing (printing the current view)
    Quickly print a document (Bill of Quantities, Price List, Price Book, etc.) from screen preview
    preview view documents analysis list measurements
  • Customized printing
    The features for organizing document data in a customized document layout
    settings change categories titles storing filing signatures historical preview elaborate management
  • Documents and processes: bill of quantities, P.L., price lists…
    Estimating: activities and relating documents
    types document BoQ Bill of Quantities price list construction cost management works estimating estimate price list items analysis metric rate analysis works sections requirements bid offer documents reports final print measurement book