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Technical support issues and practical cases

  • Rotations, movements and zooming in 3D view
    Let's see how to rotate, move and zoom in the 3D View
    rotation move zoom rotate moving shift move 3D isometric movement points zoom scene
  • Importing a DXF/DWG drawing
    Load a dxf or dwg as a drawing reference
    tracing trace reference insertion insert import level drawing model 2D
  • Window position
    Position a window according to the wall thickness
    position window thickness offset wall internal external center
  • Deleting an object
    Deleting an object in both floor plan and 3D view
    delete erase cancel deleting erasing
  • Window base wall with frame
    Inserting an internal window frame with a lower recessing base wall
    recess recessing thickness wall bottom Sill profile
  • Creating L-Shaped Stairs
    Designing an L-shaped stair with two perpendicular ramps
    L 90 staircase with two perpendicular ramp segments
  • Modifying the top end of the wall
    Adapting the upper profile of the building envelope to a curved roof surface
    model curtain wall external walls cladding partition wall back fill ornamental wall
  • Customizing a skirting board object
    Let's see how to create a new skirting board object modifying one already present in the Catalogue
    girder skirting wainscott
  • Flooring
    How to assign a flooring type to a room and then view it in your drawing models
    texture floor plans
  • Staircase partition wall
    Closing a wall underneath a staircase using the building envelope object
    staircase wall
  • Roof modelling errors: roof in error
    How to correct roof modelling errors
    message close input solve model closure
  • Stairs modelling errors
    How to solve stairs modelling errors connecting its elements
    input correction connection ramp landings separate connect isolate
  • Errors when defining Rooms and Compartments: room in error
    How to correct room definition errors
    message recognition closure solve building envelope resolve
  • Copy properties
    Using the "Copy properties (default)" to acquire the properties from objects already inserted
    style default copy
  • How to create a Velux type swinging window
    how to create a Velux type fixture by personalizing a window in the User BIM Objects Library
    tipping swing roof slope pitch top BIM Objects Library
  • How to create a Material Layer
    How to create a customized Material Layer in the user Catalogue
    building envelope ornamental wall back fill empty space gap cavity thermal coat plasterboard insulation
  • Editing a Price List item
    How to modify a Price List item in the BoQ environment
    Price List change
  • Semi-circular column
    Create a hollow sem-circular section in the User BIM Objects Library
    beam column hollow customize BIM Objects Library
  • Sash window
    creating an overlapping double leaf sliding window
    overlapping sash window
  • Staircase window
    how to insert a window between two landings
    intermediate rest insert
  • Beam with shaped profile
    Creating a timber beam with a shaped end
    roof start end header moldings
  • Wall back fill
    How to draw a backfill with material behind a wall
    wall parapet back fill movement
  • Timber roof
    Creating a timber roof top with two beam directions
    timber span direction beams purlins
  • Fireplace and Chimney Duct
    Inserting a fireplace and drawing the flue duct
    3D model chimney flue duct fireplace terminal
  • Adapting the columns in the ROOM Legend object
    Adapting the ROOM Legend table columns to text contents
    re-adapt table
  • Modifying a window in a renovations project
    Modifying the dimensions of an existing window
    delete status project fixture
  • Window with overpanel
    How to create a window with an Overpanel
  • Fencing
    Creating a fence with tubular posts and a chained wire mesh
    fence closure railing flower bed
  • Furniture
    How to insert interior furniture
    furniture sofa chair wc bathroom interior 3d model
  • The object grip properties
    How to rotate, move, mirror objects using the object grip options
    lock align
  • Opening the window leaves
    How to modify the leaf opening angles for a door or window
  • Modify the orientation
    How to define the north direction
    compass arrow points cardinal reference
  • Importing a pattern
    How to import a pattern into the user catalogue
  • Hiding the elevation axis
    How to de-activate axes visibility referring to level elevation heights
    disable switch planes floors sections perspective views
  • Cut & Fill
    How to represent a terrain fill
    earth works escarpments
  • DXF/DWG file format export
    Export drawings in the DWG/DXF format
    drawing models construction documents cad
  • Importing a Texture
    How to load a texture to create a new material
    brick slates metals image
  • Rooftop Terrace
    Rooftop Terrace
    teraace rooftop dormer opening
  • L shaped staircase with winder landing
    How to create a corner staricase
    riser tread step ramp
  • How to account for a floor slab without considering the beam surfaces
    How to subtract beam surfaces from the total floor surface in the Bill of Quantities
    subtraction negative subtract
  • Custom gate
    How to create a custom gate using the Panel object
    small gate wood metal railing
  • Three leaf shutter
    How to create a three leaf shutter
    shutter roller romana frame fixture
  • Rooftop with overlapping roof slopes
    Drawing a roof with slopes at different heights
  • Room related info
    How to insert name, surface and other room related info
    label ALR perimeter name ratio aero lighting volume
  • Creating a new layer
    How to create a new layer
    Drawing model style management
  • Assign a layer
    Assigning an object with a new layer
    entity level
  • Deactivating a Layer
    How to Freeze a Layer
    Level Entity drawing Model floor plan section prospect isometric area plan
  • Overlapping roof tops with overhanging slopes
    How to create two overlapping roof tops with overhangs
    eave drain pipe overhang
  • Window on a curved wall
    How to insert a window in a curved wall
    doors openings partition walls cladding envelope wall ornamental low fill
  • Foundation slab
    Designing a foundation slab
  • Foundation beams
    draw a foundation beamwork grid
  • Beam with a shaped end
    How to create a molding on a timber beam
    Sketchup moldings
  • Deleting a document
    How to delete a document in Edificius
    delete Bin rubbish project archive
  • Applying a filter to table columns
    How to filter column and schedule data
  • Adding up the column values in tables
    How to create a summary line at the bottom of a table grid
    counting sum numbering
  • Modifying the Balustrade
    Changing the balustrade's post
    railing rod post pole mould rotation parapet bulge
  • Resizing videos
    how to see the video tutorials at full screen
    maximize increase zoom extend screen
  • Get started in just a few steps
    learning to use the fundamental objects to start drawing
    start work