Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Drawing roads
    How to draw a road
    finish direction
  • Modifying a Road object
    How to edit a road's path
    curvature width segment
  • The Road entity materials and material layers
    How to apply materials and material layers to roads, define slope and assigning elevation points
    geometry characteristics volume perimeter surface area
  • Material Layer of roads and squares on Drawing Models
    Representation of the Material Layer assigned to roads and squares on Drawing Models (Section and Elevation)
    square, ground, library, layers
  • Road drawing from DXF/DWG
    How to automatically draw the road by recognizing a DXF/DWG drawing
    consecutive, magic wand, ground, single stroke
  • The connection between roads
    How to connect one road to another or to a square
    square ground curvature radius intersection