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Point Cloud

  • Point Cloud
    How to acquire a point cloud or part of it from usBIM.pointcloud and use it to create the building model
    import, roof, window, envelope, HRS, height elevation reference system
  • How to load a Point Cloud in usBIM
    How to upload your point cloud to usBIM.pointcloud
    import format
  • How to load a Point Cloud in Edificius
    How to acquire a Point Cloud or a portion of it using the selection cube
    select download
  • How to align the HRS (Height Reference System) to the Point Cloud
    How to align the Point Cloud to the project's Height Reference System (HRS)
    align, level, section, plane, add, define HRS
  • Modelling the Building envelope from a Point Cloud
    Modelling the building envelope using the point cloud accelerators
    magic wand constant recognition variable thickness angle
  • Inserting openings in a Point Cloud cluster
    Drawing doors and windows using the point cloud accelerators
    detect magic wand