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3D MagneticGrid

  • MagneticGrid3D Management and additional modules
    Inserting the 3D Magnetic Grid to define a 3D model for drawing objects
    type Standard Pyramidal Conical Cylindrical Spherical Helical from DXF Trellis Finish Grip Length central triangular Add Edit Split Merge All MagneticGrid MG3D MG 3D
  • Composing complex grids
    Composing complex schemes using different types of 3D Magnetic Grids (Standard, Conical, Spherical)
    Standard Pyramidal Conical Cylindrical Spherical Helical from DXF Trellis Edit MG End Grips triangular object Add Edit Length central Split Merge All Rebuild 3D Magnets (MAG) Enclosure MG3D Pillars Pillar MagneticGrid
  • Inserting a 3D MagneticGrid using DXF auto detection
    How to generate a 3D MagneticGrid from a DXF/DWG CAD drawing
    Editor type Open File DXF DWG MG 3D Magnetic Grid
  • Inserting a 3D model as a 3D Magnetic Grid
    Inserting a 3D MagneticGrid generated from a 3D Model
    Sketchup skp Collada dae xml Blender Biovision bvh 3D Studio MAX 3ds AE Wavefront Object obj Stanford Polygon Library ply IFC-STEP industry Foundation Classes ifc Neutral File Format nff Sense8 World Toolkit RtCW mdc Quick3D q3o q3s Raw Triangles AC3D ac Stereolithography stl Irrlicht Mesh Scene Object File Format off Terragen Terrain ter 3D Game Studio Model mdl hmp Ogre mesh skeleton material Milkshape 3D LightWave lwo lws Modo Ixo CharacterStudio Motion csm TrueSpace cob scn unit of measurement Dimensions object model Length Width Height Elevation View Front Lateral from Top Name Options Posizioning Rotate 90 Kepp aspect ratio Reset File Catalogue 3D Model Magnetic Grid MG MG3D