Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Drawing an opening
    How to Draw an opening in a building envelope (wall - slab)
    Lateral distance Insert position floor plan hole opening
  • Drawing an opening in the 3D view
    How to draw a hole in the 3D View
    Drawing Design distance opening desired point keyboard
  • The recess object
    How to convert a hole to a recess
    Properties Thickness Alignment External offset Center Internal F7
  • The opening's Geometry
    Changing the geometry of an opening
    3D Plan View Grip repositioning Properties Width Height Side Distance Threshold Frame Shape Rectangle Circle Arc + Double Trapeze Trapeze Rectangle Oval Free Form shape
  • Opening Gratings
    Inserting gratings for openings
    Position Internal External Center offset Overhangs Links connection points side upper Model Catalogue Project Opening
  • The Opening Reveal
    How to insert a reveal for an opening
    Inserting the Upper side Data