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BIM Objects Library

  • BIM Objects Library - General and Project
    General and Project BIM Objects Librarys: object archives
    NOT editable Change Archive type add Folder Properties Hang Frame Box Number Type Swing Grip Opening Angle Frame Material Properties handle BIM Objects Library
  • User BIM Objects Library
    User BIM Objects Library: how to customize an object
    Archive Folder door add Append Structure Frame Box Box Type Swing Grip Both Panel Interior Door Style Copy Paste Properties toolbox User Project BIM Objects Library
  • Publishing to the on-line BIM Objects Library
    How to publish a 3D Model to the Online BIM Objects Library
    project user share BIM Objects Library
  • The Title Block Catalogue
    Title block Catalogues: insert options and how to customize new title blocks
    Add Edit Delete Duplicate Rename Preview Header
  • Title Block Customization
    How to customize a Title Block
    Edit Description Format Size Binding Orientation 2D Graphics Line Rectangle Text Editor Head Grip Title Block Title Blocks
  • New Title Block
    How to define a new Title block
    Add Format Orientation Binding Margin Dimension 2D Graphics Guide Line Parallel Rectangle Text Variables User variables Logo Editor Headers