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BIM Objects Library

  • usBIM.library
    how to manage the new usBIM Library and use it in Edificius
    Customised Cloud User Library
  • Transfer User Library Objects
    how to transfer objects from the User Library to the new USER or Project Library
    drag&drop paste copy transfer
  • GENERAL - Library
    The BIM Objects Library provided with Edificius (read only)
    Catalogue Library entity archive material layers railings Models 3D block doors windows
  • PROJECT - Library
    The BIM Objects Library referring to objects used in the current project
    Catalogue entity archive material layers models window door
  • USER - Library
    The User BIM Objects Library for storing your own objects
    Catalogue Library entityarchive Models 3D block doors windows
  • Exporting the BIM Library
    how to export the entire library, a single object or a group of objects for transfer to a second PC.
    Import Save Load BOL Catalog entity archive
  • Publishing to the on-line BIM Objects Library
    How to publish a 3D Model to the Online BIM Objects Library
    project user share BIM Objects Library
  • The Title Block Catalogue
    Title block Catalogues: insert options and how to customize new title blocks
    Add Edit Delete Duplicate Rename Preview Header
  • Title Block Customization
    How to customize a Title Block
    Edit Description Format Size Binding Orientation 2D Graphics Line Rectangle Text Editor Head Grip Title Block Title Blocks
  • New Title Block
    How to define a new Title block
    Add Format Orientation Binding Margin Dimension 2D Graphics Guide Line Parallel Rectangle Text Variables User variables Logo Editor Headers
  • Revit file import
    How to import 3D Models created with Revit available in the RVT/RFA format
    Revit RVT RFA BOL usBIM