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Catalogue Types

  • General catalogue and Project catalogue
    General and Project Catalogues: object archives
    NOT editable Change Archive type add Folder Properties Hang Frame Box Number Type Swing Grip Opening Angle Frame Material Properties handle
  • The User Catalogue
    User Catalogue: how to customize an object
    Archive Folder door add Append Structure Frame Box Box Type Swing Grip Both Panel Interior Door Style Copy Paste Properties toolbox User Project Catalog
  • Publishing to the on-line catalogue
    How to publish a 3D Model to the Online Catalogue
    project user share
  • The Title Block Catalogue
    Title block Catalogues: insert options and how to customize new title blocks
    Add Edit Delete Duplicate Rename Preview Header
  • Title Block Customization
    How to customize a Title Block
    Edit Description Format Size Binding Orientation 2D Graphics Line Rectangle Text Editor Head Grip Title Block Title Blocks
  • New Title Block
    How to define a new Title block
    Add Format Orientation Binding Margin Dimension 2D Graphics Guide Line Parallel Rectangle Text Variables User variables Logo Editor Headers