Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials

The software interface

  • The Edificius Home page
    The Edificius Home Page features
    Page file new open close save as ACCA video tutorial service updates online forum essential indispensables information technical support
  • The "New" function in "Edificius usBIM"
    Creating a new file with the usBIM version of Edificius
    desktop, Home, IFC, Project Group, Cloud, classic, credentials, folder, logo
  • The "Open" function in "Edificius usBIM"
    Opening an existing file with the usBIM version of Edificius
    desktop, cloud, home, classic, credentials, folder, pencil, edit, logo
  • The "Save As" function in "Edificius usBIM"
    Saving files with the usBIM version of Edificius
    desktop, Home, folder, PC, Cloud, classic, logo
  • The program window
    The program window description: the title bar, the quick access toolbar, menus and toolboxes
    interface view drawings layouts levels services menu
  • The Edificius Menus
    Program menus: File, Drawing, Tools, Window and ?
    New open close save as print Export formats DXF DWG Object drawing Magnetic Grid Height Reference HRS Unit Measurement
  • The Toolboxes
    The Edificius Toolboxes: Project Management, Properties, Copy, Background and the Selection Filter.
  • The Project Navigator
    how to access the project views ad switch to other environments
    levels drawing models BIM documents working general data
  • Software Maintenance and Updates
    How to check for program updates and launch installation
    version release
  • IFC Export
    How to export the 3D Model of your project in the IFC file format
    Coordination View CV Surface Geometry Industry Foundation Classes