Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Drawing a column
    Drawing a Column: The F5 and F6 function keys to move the connection point and F7/F8 to rotate the section
    object column movement rotation pillar
  • Inserting a Column with the DXF/DWG recognition feature
    How to insert a column using the auto detection from DXF/DWG CAD file feature
    Drawing Design DXF DWG Pillars Pillar automated generation
  • Inserting a Column with the 3D MAGNETIC GRID recognition feature
    Inserting Columns using the automatic 3D MagneticGrid recognition feature
    Magnetic Grid 3DMG MG Pillar insert inserting placing
  • Column Properties
    Properties Toolbox: Changing the characteristics of a column
    Geometry entities Height moves downward rotation point lower XY Quote Functionality Show on Upper floor Move Height Reference System Level sub level delta Material Pillars Pillar