Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • General Data
    The Project Navigator: Project Info, Design Office and Project Description nodes
    Building Data General Subject Geographic coordinates Building Designers Studio Logo Master General Description Project Management Toolbox
  • Zones
    Defining the areas in which to divide the project
    Building Data Level 1 2 3 Title Add Color Box Colour Legend Visibility Drawing 2D Graphics
  • Levels and Drawing Models
    The Levels and Drawing Models Navigator nodes
    Tools HRS Insert heights project Navigator Plans Sections
  • The Background Toolbox
    Viewing other level entities in the current level: the background panel
    copy paste
  • Copy
    The COPY toolbox to copy objects from one level to another
    All entities selected entities Type drawing models Destination draw duplicate plan copy level objects slab building envelope horizontal walls partition walls doors windows
  • Object Properties
    The Properties toolbox to modify characteristics, geometry and object materials
    Material Layers Thickness alignment Geometry Shape Height Reference System Level delta sub Move Material Layers Aspect Colour Blocked
  • Selection Filter
    With the entity selection filter toolbox for searching for groups of objects with the same characteristics
    Criteria Entity Conditions Add Apply