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2D graphic elements

  • Guideline and Parallel Guideline
    Drawing entities parallel to others using the Guide Line and the Parallel guide line
    Insert 2D graphics distance keyboard
  • The MagneticGrid2D (rectangular)
    Setting up a preliminary drawing when needing to define floor plan views
    Columns rows Length Width Move Divide Envelope MG2D MG
  • The MagneticGrid2D (radial)
    Setting up the snap aids when positioning objects
    MG2D MG radial Graphic Object snap grid window
  • Line, polyline, arc, and circle
    Drawing construction details using 2D graphical objects
    Graphics 2D Rectangle Circle Shape Generic tag text fields Hatch Pattern Catalog Catalogue General Factor dimension Edit Text
  • 2D Blocks
    How to Insert a 2D block and edit its properties
    Graphics 2D Modell Catalogue General factor dimension distance fixed from other point
  • Images
    How to Insert an image and change its properties
    Drawing 2D graphics. Properties Toolbox: Image Choose from catalogue options file, Dimensions Keep aspect, Fit, Height and Length. Image Format bmp, jpg, png.
  • Room and zone legends
    Inserting room and zone legends in drawing models
    2D Graphics Color Glazed Glazing Zone Rooms compartment
  • Object tags
    Inserting tags on Architectural entities (Rooms, Doors, Windows, ...) on drawing models
    Room Door Window Opening Envelope 2D Graphics Characteristics Text edit Insert Variable
  • Raster Images
    How to insert a Raster image and Edit its properties
    File Format jpeg png bmp 2D Graphics
  • Scale and rotate a Raster image
    How to scale and rotate a Raster Image
    Scale Rotate Rotate Raster Image