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Bill of Quantities

  • The BoQ environment
    The BoQ section of the Project Navigator with Level subnodes, Price List and Measurements data
    PL Price List Estimate PriMus bill of quantities
  • Bill of Quantities - Object Quantification
    How to proceed to quantify graphic entities by inserting measurement models
    Open property toolbox price list Price list choice PriMus.DCF Drag & Drop rates Price List Import list General Not Editable Rate Description Quantity Price Amount
  • The Measurement Editor
    Modifying measurement rows: Inserting variables, adding new rows and adding detractions
    item measurement model Import Measurement Archive Variables Measurement Template Estimate Bill of Quantities
  • Bill of Quantities: selecting entities
    Object selection (entity filter) and viewing the selected entities bill of quantities information
    Multiple Drawing models selection list objects accountable Filter Selection highlight selected objects
  • The Correspondance between Drawing-Estimate and the Selection BoQ
    Selecting BoQ (Bill of Quantities) measurement items in the General BoQ view highlighting the various object levels. The Selection BoQ and the selected entity BoQ data
    Drawing Models highlight all entities connected measurement General Selection BoQ Bill of Quantities
  • Categories in a construction estimate document
    How to sub-divide an estimate document into categories or work sections
    structure default assign
  • Printing and Exporting the Bill of Quantities
    How to proceed to printing your document to paper, or exporting it to DCF
    Print Orientation Margins Characters Preview Export format DCF PriMus