Video Tutorials

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How to get working in just a few minutes

  • STEP 1 - The vertical Building envelope
    how to draw the wall manually or by using the program's automatisms
    DWG DXF MagneticGrid 2D magnetic grid MG length width masonry recognize automatically partition wall
  • STEP 2 - Using objects: Doors, Windows and holes
    how to define object properties and positions
    arc-shaped rectangle frame
  • STEP 3 - Drawing stairs
    how to draw a stair with its composing elements
  • STEP 4 - Defining rooms and levels
    how to proceed with slab input, define room characteristics, manage layers with elevation definition and copying elements from one floor to another
    storey height floor material color copy duplicates
  • STEP 5 - Drawing a roof top and assigning objects
    how to draw the building's roof top with the dedicated editor and how to adapt objects to the roof slopes
    pitched gabled dormers ridge
  • STEP 6 - Assigning materials and aligning objects
    how to assign materials and properties to objects acquiring from the catalog and/or from other projects, and how to align the architectural elements in 3D view
    archive texture alignment
  • STEP 7 - Drawing with the MagneticGrid
    how to use magnetic snap aids to speed up modeling in 3D
    magic wand snap recognition editor beam pillar wall enclosure grid
  • STEP 8 - Modeling the terrain with contour lines
    how to model the terrain by drawing or by automatic recognition of the contour lines from a DXF/DWG survey
    land survey proportion soil descent altitude climb
  • STEP 9 - The Model in the Rendering and play-structure view
    How to orient the model and set the rendering quality
    Perspective image localization orientation shadow shadow zone
  • STEP 10 - Generating drawing models, working drawings and printing
    how to create, customize and export the drawing models, how to edit the model from the drawing model views and composing the construction documents
    plans sections elevations reports working drtawings schedules tables export
  • STEP 11 - The Project's Cost Estimate
    how to prepare and print the project cost estimate according to the drawn entities and how to implement the Edificius Cost Estimate using PriMus
    price book list estimate cost integration BIM Measurement Model