Video Tutorials

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  • Modelling/designing stairs
    Drawing stairs: inserting the ramp and connecting landings
    Editor Stairs Type Ramp Curve Landing Winding Ramp Spiral distance from another point segment object Landing insert drawing
  • Customizing Stairs elements
    How to Modify the stairs geometry editing its properties
    Editor Stairs Edit Ramp Width Number risers Length Tread Offset Insert Delete Node Convert to Arc steps
  • Stairs properties
    How to change the characteristics of the stairs object
    Toolbox Properties Geometry Type Reinforced Concrete Wooden stringer beams Metal Tables Graphics Numbering raised tread thickness lift Slab Slab Landing Ramp Height Reference System Upper Level Lower Level delta sub Materials Structure in RC Tread Risers Stairs steps
  • The Curved Stairs Ramp
    How to draw stairs with a curved ramp
    Editor Stairs Width number risers length tread Radius internal direction angle ramp curve finish
  • The Spiral Staircase
    Drawing a Spiral Staircase object
    Editor Stairs Ramp spiral Width Number risers Radius internal Direction tread turn Finish steps