Video Tutorials

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  • Step 1 - Modelling equipment and terminals
    How to use the configurator and insert the equipment and terminals of a system
    Flows, category, element, delta, height
  • Step 2 - Modelling pipes and accessories
    How to draw pipes and ducts together with accessories in a MEP system
    Profile, size, automatic fittings, SmartMEP, snap, connection, category, element, joint, connections, coloring, flexible
  • Step 3 - Generating the drawing models
    How to generate and customize the drawing models
    Floor plans, cross-sections, plant legend, MEP objects, MEP labels
  • The MEP systems environment
    The MEP Systems environment and the element's configurator
    MEP 3D views
  • Step 4 - MEP Systems Tables and Schedules
    How to generate MEP system tables and schedules
    drawing models working drawings columns add table export print