Video Tutorials

Learn more about the software features with easy to follow video tutorials


  • Elevation
    Viewing the model in perspective
    Active selection Clouds Terrain Background 360 Spin around ALL Walk Person visibility Shadow Rendering Animation reel photo scene
  • Moving the Plevation view
    How to view the model with different elevation views
    rotate move key left right wheel mouse view scene model
  • Photos and Video
    creating photos and videos of your project
    reel scene shot add delete start animation speed pause effects
  • Project video
    Creating a video of your project
    shot scene photo frame path animation
  • Recording Video
    recording video
    recording shot reel live path frame fluidity quality codec document name
  • Rendering the PlayStructure View
    Generating renders from the PlayStructure View: Settings
    Play structure Start Settings jpg png bmp tga Output Quality Draft Low Medium High Excellent Dimensions pixel Width Height DPI cm Print Background panorama image Sky Image Working Drawings Door Image 3D View
  • 360° Rendering
    Creating a rendered 360° pano photo of a scene
    spherical pano photo